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Pre School and Grade School Departments




Children in the Kindergarten level are expected to be trained in simple development tasks that would prepare them adequately for the first phase of their formal education.


At the end of his Kindergarten training, the pupil will be able to:

  • manifest, love and respect for God as Father;

  • show love and respect for God as Father;

  • “think and do” independently within the limits of his degree of maturity.

  • recognize the sound correctly, and the letters of the alphabet, syllables and simple words, in Cebuano, Filipino and English;

  • recognize and count numbers correctly, at least from 1 to 100.

  • practice desirable health habits at home and in school;

  • express himself correctly and response to questions in a proper manner.

  • manifest a psychomotor coordination for effective performance of simple assigned tasks befitting his age.




The Grade School Curriculum aims at turning out young boys and girls who exemplify in functional literacy in preparation for a greater academic challenge, live a practical Christian life according to their age level and are prepared to undergo a wholesome teen-age life.


At the completion of his Grade School education, the pupil is expected to:

  • acknowledge God as CREATOR and Father as shown by his performance of religious obligations and by his love for others;

  • recognize Christ as Brothers and friend by his respect for and cooperation with parents, brothers and sisters, classmates and other people he comes in contact with;

  • practice wholesome health habits and show desirable behavior in school, home and community;

  • communicate effectively in speaking and in writing, both in Filipino and English;

  • show dependability and helpfulness, thrift and industry, a healthy attitude towards work and play and responsibility in the performance of simple household tasks;

  • show leadership skills, values of cooperation and sportsmanship in varied game play activities.

  • show love and concern for others by actively participating in the community extension service and other reach-out activities.




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