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In keeping with the mission of the school and its philosophy of education, the goal of the high school is to provide a learning environment wherein the students will be:

  • able to discover their growing persons equipped with the human qualities, capable of development into mature and competent persons;

  • guided in their search for knowledge and in their formation into dynamic and responsive Filipino citizens;

  • led to the person of Christ in whom their formation takes meaning as they express willingness and ability to serve God and their fellowmen, especially the poor and the oppressed;

  • to actively participate in the transformation of the society of which they are members, and contribute productively in the building of the kingdom in themselves, their families and the country.

Specifically, it seeks to accomplish this goal by:

  1. aligning the curriculum with the DECS New Secondary Education Curriculum as the basic curriculum and enriching it with the Christian Formation Program of the school, thus preparing the students adequately for college and productive living;

  2. helping students redirect their values and attitudes and use their competencies for service to their less fortunate brothers;

  3. providing a balance program of studentís growth and development to include the intellectual, moral, spiritual, social and physical aspects of development;

  4. implementing the technology and home economics of the SEDP to help students develop their basic skills for gainful employment;

  5. making students internalize and live basic Christian values in Philippine Culture;

  6. maximizing the use of the library and laboratory facilities, teaching aids and devices for instruction;

  7. intensifying the use of student service namely students recruitment, students scholarship, guidance services and student activities;

  8. identifying community resources to support the programs for examples, practicum and extension services;

  9. identifying community projects and citizen movements for student involvement in the community and national development;

  10. updating teachersí competence in teaching methodologies, test construction and evaluation.




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