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Brief History


Christ the King College was founded by the late Father Edward Wasil, SJ, a zealous Jesuit Missionary from New Jersey, with the aim of evangelizing the people of Gingoog through formal education. Named Christ the King Academy the high school was born in 1947 in a wooden one – storey building accommodating five (5) rooms. It received government recognition for complete secondary education in 1951.


From 1947 to 1955, the Jesuits nurtured the growth of the academy. In response to the need for teachers the college course, Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, was offered in 1948 and granted government recognition in 1955. The Grade School was opened in 1950, receiving government recognition in 1955. Curricular offerings expanded and included Associate in Arts and Associate in Commercial Science which received government recognition in 1955.


The eight – year period of Jesuit administration left the institution a school culture oriented towards forming “men and women for others”, a legacy that has been kept alive to the present day.


The administration of Christ the King Academy was turned over to the Columban Fathers in 1956 with the late Fr. William Adams, SSC as the first Columban Administrator. For five (5) years, the Columban Fathers painstakingly continued and enriched the spirit and objective of the founder. In 1959 government recognition was granted to the Collegiate Secretarial Course and in 1961 to Bachelor of Science in Education.


The limited number of the Columban Fathers prompted the late Archbishop James T. G. Hayes, SJ, DD of Cagayan de Oro to turn over the ownership and administration of the Academy to the Congregation of the Religious of the Virgin Mary in 1961. S. Ma. Rebecca Kiunisala, was the first RVM Directress. The administration of Sacred Heart Academy, a school established by Fr. George Kirchgesmer, SJ, in Anakan Gingoog City, was also turned over to the RVM Sisters. The renaming of the Academy to Christ the King College took place in 1962.


An increase in student population in the 1960’s led to the construction in 1964 of a three – storey building, to replace the wooden structure, as well as the Library and Science Laboratory buildings. In the same year, Bachelor of Science in Home Economics was offered.


In the 1970’s, the institution experienced a decline in enrolment in all levels due to the economic crisis and the declaration of Martial Law. However, the school’s Silver Jubilee was celebrated in 1972 as a year of thanksgiving.


In 1980, the school offered Bachelor of Science in Commerce with majors in Accounting and Banking and Finance. The High School Department was granted three – year accreditation status in 1987 by the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU).


In 1995, the school received a one million-peso (P1, 000, 000) donation from Atty. Ricardo Bolipata, a CKC alumnus. With this amount the Edward Wasil Scholarship Fund was created to provide scholarship for the poor. In 1997, with the celebration of the school’s Golden Jubilee, the Alumni Association constructed an alumni building inside the school campus. The PAASCU granted level II accredited status for the High School Department in 1999.


Christ the King College continues to respond to the church call for evangelization and formation of leaders in the community. The school at present offers Complete Grade School and High School Education and the following courses for the Tertiary level: 

  • Bachelor of Arts, major in Economics and English

  • Bachelor of Science in Commerce, major in Management, Economics, Marketing and Management Accounting

  • Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

  •  Bachelor in Science in Social Work

  • Bachelor in Secondary Education, major in English and Filipino

  • Bachelor in Elementary Education, area of concentration English and Filipino

  • Bachelor of Science in Secretarial Administration major in Computer Secretarial Education

  • Two – year Midwifery Course

  • Two – year Computer Systems Design and Programming Course

  • Two – year Computer & Electronics Technology Course


1947 - Founded by Father Edward Wasil, SJ, the first Christ the King Academy (CKA) Building was constructed and high school was first offered.

1948 - BS Elementary Education was offered.

1950 - CKA Grade School was opened.

1951 - CKA received government recognition for complete secondary education.

1955 - BS Elementary Education and Grade School gained government recognition.

1956 - CKA Administration was turned over to the Columban Fathers. Fr. William Adams, SSC was the first Columban Administrator.

1959 - Collegiate Secretarial Course gained government recognition.

1961 - BS Education gained government recogntion.

1961 - The administration of CKA was turned over to the Religious of Virgin Mary. S. Ma. Rebecca Kiunisala, RVM was the first RVM administrator.

1962 - Christ the King Academy was renamed to Christ the King College.

1964 - a three story building was constructed replacing the wooden building. Library and Science Laboratory buildings were also constructed. Bachelor of Science in Home Economics was offered.

1972 - Silver Jubilee was celebrated.

1980 - BS Commerce major in Accounting and major in Banking and Finance was offered.

1987 - The High School Department was granted and three-year accreditation status by the PAASCU.

1995 - CKC received 1 million pesos donation from Atty. Ricardo Bolipata, a CKC Alumnus. With this fund, the Edward Wasil Scholarship Fund was created.

1997 - Golden Jubilee. Alumni Building was constructed.

1999 -  High School Department was granted a Level II accreditation status.



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